01/10/2015 11h15

Company starts the process of acquiring leading brands and reiterates its commitment to expanding its operations in Latin America

BRF, through its subsidiaries in Argentina (Quickfood and Avex), today announces the start of the process of acquiring household names in Argentina, including Vieníssima (sausages), GoodMark (hamburgers), Manty and Delícia (margarine). “Through this operation, we are reaffirming our commitment to the development of Argentina and of our operations”, points out Alexandre Borges, General Manager Latam of BRF.

The brands acquired, which currently make up the portfolio of Molinos Group, one of the oldest business groups in Argentina, have a strong influence in the daily lives of the people of Argentina and enjoy high market recognition. “We want to grow in the domestic market and to consolidate the leadership enjoyed by the brands, besides increasing exports,” says Mr. Borges.

BRF’s strategy for Latin America, especially Argentina, involves accelerating the integration of local operations with the global production platform, maintaining investments to increase production capacity and employment generation, and positioning Argentina as a completive food production hub in the global market.

BRF in Argentina

BRF currently has six production units in Argentina and employs around 2,500 people. Apart from Sadia, which was elected the company’s global brand, the brands marketed in Argentina include such traditional brands as Paty and Dánica, the local leaders in the beef hamburger and margarine segments, respectively.

Recently, the company announced investments of US$ 16 million to expand production capacity at its poultry slaughtering unit in Rio Cuarto in the province of Córdoba. Another unit of  the company, located in Baradero in the province of Buenos Aires, received investments of US$ 5.4 million to increase the production of sausages and cold cuts. BRF Latam operations account for nearly 5% of the total revenues of the company, generating revenues equivalent to US$ 580 million in 2014.