04/04/2016 11h22


As the new Sadia product range hits shelves throughout Hungary, the international food brand is also recognized at the prestigious Product of the Year Awards

In 2015, Sadia successfully launched its new portfolio of breaded chicken products throughout Hungary, bringing differentiated and innovative products to its consumers. This past week, these same products were recognized by receiving the “Product of the Year” Award, a relevant recognition in the Hungarian industry.

At this year’s “Product of the Year” event ceremony, Sadia was the only brand recognized in the Frozen Meat category and received the award alongside other well-known food brands such as Flora/Becel and Fevita.

The award-winning Sadia product lines launched in Hungary include three “Premium” line products: Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Steak. The two innovations developed specifically for the Hungarian Market “Chicken Konus with Cheese” and “Crispy Chicken Liver” were also awarded.

All products (except Crispy Chicken Liver) are made with 100% chicken breast fillet, free from phosphate, glutamate, preservatives and artificial colorants, and were developed in strong partnership between BRF’s European R&D and Innovation team following extensive consumer research and products testing.

The Product of the Year award is one of the world’s most significant awards recognizing innovation. The award was given in France in 1987 for the first time and exists in 42 countries all over the world, reaching a total of approximately 3 billion consumers. The most popular products are chosen by consumers themselves as part of a large-scale nationwide poll.

Premium Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets make a delicious snack and is prepared with 100% chicken breast fillet, in a crispy breadcrumb, flash fried, fully cooked and individually quick-frozen.

Premium Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu is great tasting schnitzel prepared with 100% Chicken Breast, a mouthwatering cheese and turkey ham in a crispy bread-crump, flash fried, fully cooked and individually frozen.

Premium Chicken Steak

Sadia’s Chicken Steak is prepared with 100% Chicken Breast in a crispy breadcrumb, flash fried, fully cooked and individually quick frozen.

Chicken Konus with Cheese

A delicious and innovative snack prepared with Chicken Breast Fillet and filled with cheese in a crispy breadcrumb, flash fried, fully cooked and individually quick frozen.

Crispy Chicken Liver

Another delicious product, developed specifically for the Eastern European Market to meet local consumer tastes, gently prepared snack composed of pieces of chicken liver in a crispy breadcrumb, flash fried, fully cooked and individually quick frozen.

Sadia Quality

Made with the finest ingredients, all five products meet the high requirements customers have come to expect from Sadia. “When initially thinking about those products, we talked extensively with consumers and housewives through intense research to understand what consumers were looking for. We noticed that everyone is looking for more taste and flavor in these categories, looking for higher quality products. We combined our international know-how, strict production controls, global sourcing of spices & seasonings, our love for food and our team of specialists to create a revolution of flavor in the product category. We can talk a lot about how proud we are but the best way to prove this is to invite all consumers and partners to taste and enjoy the flavor of our new Sadia products.” explains Marcos Delorenzo, Head of Marketing and Innovation for Europe & Eurasia.