19/02/2019 14h30


Initiative supported updates and implementation of new applications, conferring efficiency gains to all BRF units

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BRF, one of the world’s largest food companies, with products in over 140 countries, migrated its systems to the cloud and adopted the use of Citrix Cloud in 2018 to better integrate its production units. 

The platform was chosen because it offers all users the same user experience, while facilitating equipment swaps and increasing data security. “The use of Citrix by most employees in plants and distribution centers means conveniently swapping equipment with the same experience regardless of location,” explained Ismar Junior, senior IT analyst at BRF. 

With Citrix, BRF’s IT team was able to save on infrastructure costs with centralized and automatic updates from anywhere in the world. More cost savings were obtained in the units’ networks, since the platform uses little bandwidth. “Citrix Cloud brought greater flexibility and scalability to our operations, because the migration from legacy to new applications brought faster and real-time updates to all users,” said Geraldo Costa, Citrix’s main corporate account manager.


Access to applications and data is provided to employees with speed and security, with no need for an on-site support team. “There are 12,000 licenses accessible from anywhere in the world. The user experience is the same from any location and device, boosting productivity,” said Andre Mainardes, BRF’s IT coordinator.


With the project, BRF also registered a reduction in complaints and support tickets regarding disconnections. The longer system uptime was crucial to increasing user productivity, supported by the updates and enhancements offered by the Citrix Technology. 

To BRF, this a path with no return, since over 70% of the company’s IT environment already is in the Cloud. “We will conclude this phase with all units operating in the cloud, and the engagement by Citrix was essential for achieving this target,” added Junior.

About BRF

With a broad portfolio of consecrated products and brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy, BRF has over 90 employees committed to the management, quality and innovation in food products. With sales in over 140 countries, BRF is recognized internationally for its operations guided by growth and sustainable development. Founded over 80 years ago, BRF produces food products that every day are a source of energy to more and more people around the world.