26/03/2019 13h30


Initiative will generate annual savings of US$340,000 and reduce CO2 emissions by about 1,800 tons in the period; Study in progress to replicate the project

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BRF’s plant in the United Arab Emirates, the first in Abu Dhabi to produce animal-protein food on a large scale, implemented in the first quarter, a new energy system based on the industry 4.0 concept. Apart from the financial benefit, which will generate annual savings of around US$340,000, the initiative will bring considerable additional environmental gains for the unit as it will reduce annual CO2 emissions by about 1,800 tons.

According to Giovani Pelliza, industrial manager of the Abu Dhabi plant, the new energy system will generate savings of more than 4,000 gigawatts/year, which is sufficient to power 4,500 mid-sized homes. In the medium and long terms, other BRF plants in Brazil and abroad should adopt the new technology. “We have already launched a feasibility study together with Crowley Carbon, our partner in this project, to implement the same system in Turkey,” highlighted Giovani.

BRF’s Abu Dhabi plant has been in operation for a little over four years and, thus, it is a relatively new and one of the company’s most modern plants. “That is not reason enough for us to not evaluate new projects to streamline our processes, generating financial, environmental and management gains,” highlighted Giovani. “Other companies in Abu Dhabi already use this system, but BRF is the first in the food industry, which underscores our pioneering effort,” he added.

The new energy system will be installed in a virtual server at the unit’s technology structure. “From there, the server will coordinate all the control panels of the plant,” explained Egídio Nascimento, engineering coordinator who supervised the implementation of the system. “We started implementing the new system in February and now we will start reaping the first results,” he concluded.

About the Abu Dhabi plant

BRF’s plant in Abu Dhabi was inaugurated in 2014 and currently employs more than 530 people. It produces beef patties, hot dogs, marinated chicken breast, breaded chicken and premium chicken cuts. The products are sold under the Sadia, Hilal and Perdix brands and use raw materials sourced from Brazil. Apart from meeting the demand from the United Arab Emirates, the unit also exports to other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.