03/06/2019 14h30


More than 6,500 truck drivers will benefit from the measure, which involves installing safety equipment on trucks that circulate on rural roads, highways and urban centers

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BRF’s logistics operations just won a new ally with the adoption of a new technology to improve the safety of truck operations. More than 6,500 drivers who supply raw materials from the field to plant and who deliver Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy products to the country’s supermarkets, restaurants and maritime ports will benefit from the measure. The new equipment already has begun to be installed and should be on 100% of the fleet by year-end, which should reduce the number of road freight accidents.

On June 4, freight carriers that operate long-haul routes will learn firsthand about the new tool at BRF’s administrative and logistics center in Curitiba, Paraná. In addition to accompanying in real-time the main risk behaviors in the vehicle’s operation, the system will help manage information and facilitate decisions on the driver’s routine and the vehicle’s functioning and efficiency.

 “The trucks in BRF’s logistics ecosystem cover a combined 40 million plus kilometers every month, which is equivalent to circling the Earth one thousand times. We have an important road safety program that has just completed eight years. Now we are taking the next step by adopting a high-tech solution to prevent accidents in our freight operations,” explained José Perottoni, BRF’s global logistics director.

Using reports automatically generated by the new system, freight carriers can map, for example, areas with high pedestrian traffic and warn drivers to reduce their speed or to adopt an alternate route with lower risk. “Our trucks travel over all kinds of roads and at various times of day. Having a system that works preventively like a guardian angel will improve safety for drivers and increase efficiency for freight companies and BRF,” said Perottoni.