02/12/2015 10h52


Company starts acquisition process in Thailand, Argentina and the UK

BRF, one of the world’s largest food companies, is continuing its global expansion with negotiations with Golden Foods Siam (GFS) in Thailand, Eclipse Holding Cooperatief UA, the Dutch company that controls Campo Austral in Argentina, and Universal Meats, a distributor operating in the United Kingdom. "This is a milestone in the company's history and a clear message that our expansion plan is serious and consistent," affirmed Pedro Faria, Global CEO.

In Thailand, where it did not have a presence, BRF is negotiating through its subsidiary BRF GmbH to acquire control of one of the largest producers and exporters of processed foods in that country. The US$ 360 million deal will enable the Company to diversify its global footprint, while also generating synergies across diverse markets in Europe and Asia. GFS is known as an agile and innovative player.

In Argentina, the transaction involves an investment of US$ 85 million and marks the entry of BRF in the country’s pork market. When the deal is concluded, BRF will become the second largest player in Argentina's pork market. In addition to physical assets, the operation involves renowned brands. "We will become important players in the cooked ham, salami, bologna and pork cut categories," said Mr. Faria.

In the United Kingdom, negotiations revolve around the acquisition of Universal Meats, a food distributor operating in the food service segment. This deal will enable BRF to expand its current client portfolio in the region.

In the last two years, BRF has intensified its global expansion process by forming joint ventures, opening sales offices and acquiring plants, brands and distributors. A total of 12 major operations have been carried out: five in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar), three in Asia (Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand), two in Europe (United Kingdom) and two in Latin America (Argentina).