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Health facilities in Vale do Rio do Peixe (SC) received funds to purchase PPE, medicines and infusion pumps

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One of the largest food companies in the world, BRF continues to make donations to contribute to actions to combat Covid-19 and its effects on society. In the Vale do Rio do Peixe in Santa Catarina, Hospital Salvatoriano Divino Salvador in Videira received support to enable the acquisition of specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medication, for example. In Caçador, Hospital Maicé intends to buy 10 infusion pumps to help patients who are recovering from Covid-19 with the resource donated by BRF.

The donation is part of more BRL 50 million announced by BRF on March 31 to assist in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative includes actions in 15 Brazilian states and in countries where BRF has production units, distribution centers and corporate offices. The objective of the company is to continue efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus, contribute to the care of the population during the emergency phase and act to combat the effects of the pandemic.

In 2020, the Company had already allocated BRL 50 million in donations, which still benefit the population of 175 municipalities distributed throughout the national territory, in addition to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China, Turkey, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. In Brazil alone, 1100 social organizations received BRF actions, including through partners. According to the BRF Institute, altogether, more than 500,000 items were donated, including PPE such as masks, gloves and caps for health professionals, in addition to alcohol gel, tests for diagnosis of Covid-19, thermometers and hospital equipment. Donations made by the company can be accompanied by the website

About BRF

One of the largest food companies in the world, BRF is present in more than 130 countries and owns iconic brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy. Its purpose is to offer quality food that is increasingly tasty and practical, to people all over the world, through the sustainable management of a living, long and complex chain, which provides a better life for everyone, from the countryside to the table Based on fundamental commitments to safety, quality and integrity, the Company bases its strategy on a long-term vision and aims to generate value for its more than 95,000 employees worldwide, more than 330,000 clients, approximately 10,000 members in Brazil, all of its shareholders and for society.

Photo of Videira (8381): From left to right: Juliana Schons, BRF, Rafaella Ferreira, BRF, André Ragnini, Hospital Salvatoriano Divino Salvador, Sister Izena Maria, HSDS, Lucineia Valtte and Allan Sauer, BRF

Photo of Caçador (8382): from left to right: Juliana Schons, BRF, Rafaella Ferreira, BRF, Sérgio José, Hospital Maicé, Leila Goelzer, Maicé, Sister Elizabeth Lima, Maicé, Lucineia Valtte and Allan Sauer, BRF