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The service is part of a series of protective measures to enhance the health and safety of people allowing medical consultations without leaving the home

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BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, has expanded access to telemedicine service to more than 170,000 people throughout Brazil, including employees and dependents. The service was offered to 32,000 people and, given the good receptivity and in line with current health and safety protocols, it covers an even larger universe of people. The extension of the benefit of telemedicine is part of BRF's set of protective measures and happens through a partnership with Tela do Health, a company specialized in telemedicine with a presence in more than 100 countries and that already served the Company.  

“Safe health care and preservation of employee health are BRF's fundamental and non-negotiable values. In times of pandemic, having the facility to consult a doctor without leaving the house and receiving a prior diagnosis at the right time, without charge or co-participation, is an extremely valuable benefit. We continue with a special center to answer questions about Covid; however, the service is for anyone who needs medical attention”, states Carlos Prestes, Director of Health and Safety at BRF.

The telemedicine service is offered via application and enables the realization of online medical care by video call in an immediate or scheduled manner, available 24/7. During the consultation, the physician may prescribe medications, request exams, issue certificates, monitor symptomatic cases and refer them to the emergency room if necessary. The prescription is digital and the user can download the PDF in the App Screen, as well as consult all service histories.

BRF has already allocated about BRL 400 million since the beginning of the pandemic in several health and safety initiatives for its employees, as well as in donations to the communities in which it is present in Brazil and abroad and also to help in scientific research. More than 30 health and safety initiatives of employees and the entire operational chain were adopted, including procedures, protective equipment, adequacy of workstations, increase of the transport fleet, reinforcement of teams and other protective measures.

About BRF

One of the largest food companies in the world, BRF is present in more than 130 countries and owns iconic brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy. Its purpose is to offer quality food that is increasingly tasty and practical, to people all over the world, through the sustainable management of a living, long and complex chain, which provides a better life for everyone, from the countryside to the table Based on fundamental commitments to safety, quality and integrity, the Company bases its strategy on a long-term vision and aims to generate value for its more than 90,000 employees worldwide, more than 260,000 clients and approximately 10,000 members in Brazil, all of its shareholders, and for society.