23/05/2019 14h45


The BRF business unit that supplies animal nutrition solutions to over 200 clients in 10 countries is now eyeing the pharmacons market

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Operating in the Brazilian market for over two years, BRF Ingredients is a competitive player in the animal and food ingredients segment, with over 200 clients in 10 countries and gross sales of R$ 430 million in 2018. This represented growth of 20% in relation to 2017, when the company started up its first hydrolyzed protein plant in Concórdia, Santa Catarina.

Now, the new segment on the company’s radar is pharmacons. The breadth of the business demonstrates the success of the decision taken by BRF, the parent company of BRF, to invest in expanding into this business, while prioritizing growth, innovation and sustainability. Today, BRF Ingredients produces more than 460,000 tons of products annually and has some 550 employees. The team manages production at 20 units, including both owned and third-party facilities. 

The production process makes use of inputs from BRF, which include feathers and organ meats, and transforms then into higher-value ingredients that are used to make products such as animal feed and oils. The main advantage of the products of BRF Ingredients is their high content of nutritional components and guarantee of origin, since BRF’s chain works only with partners that maintain high quality standards. The unit also offers clients the option of customizing their order and products.

 “We have evolved dramatically over these first two years of our operations. We have won over new clients in Brazil and abroad and expanded our product offering. We have made large investments and now are eyeing other segments, including pharmacons, which offers excellent opportunities and is aligned with the priorities we have outlined for the coming years,” said Rubens Pereira, vice-president of strategy, management and innovation at BRF.

 “This is a very promising market with annual sales in the billions of reais. To grow and seize this opportunity, we are seeking new partners that will enable us to expand the global operations of BRF Ingredients,” said Rubens. Another growth path is expanding our client base, for which the company is intensifying its participation in specialized fairs, such as VIV Asia and Fenagra, which are the main animal nutrition events in Asia and Latin America, respectively.


The first plant of BRF Ingredients was inaugurated in 2017, in Concórdia, Santa Catarina. With investment of R$ 25 million, the unit has an innovative production process that uses raw materials from the company’s other operations, such as organ meats and feathers. In addition to its animal nutrition and food ingredients portfolio, the unit also provides solutions to the plant nutrition and health and well-being segments. Today, the portfolio of BRF Ingredients is sold in countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia.