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The Research and Development Team of a business unit owned by BRF is taking part in three lectures at Fi South America (FISA), the only food ingredients event held in South America

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Research and Development Specialists from BRF Ingredients, BRF’s business unit responsible for providing food ingredients and health & wellness solutions, are on the lineup of Fi South America, the only food ingredient event organized in the region. It will be held in São Paulo from August 20th to 22nd. At the event, the functionalities of soy protein for food applications, the industrial use of bioactive peptides and the nutraceutical use of chondroitin sulfate combined with human food will be presented.

Besides the lectures, BRF will have a 73.5-m² booth to display its products and solutions. The highlights include natural flavors, soy protein, vegetable oils and fats, breading flour and chondroitin sulfate. Last year, the show hosted about 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. It is considered a unique opportunity to strengthen relationship with stakeholders and take on new clients.

“Participating in FiSA is an opportunity to expand our global presence on this industry and develop the Food Ingredients and Health & Wellness business, one of BRF’s top priorities for the years to come. Here, we will be able to showcase our product range as well as the high technology we have incorporated in order to turn inputs into innovative solutions for the industry,” says Gabriela Dal Vesco, Marketing & Innovation manager at BRF Ingredients.


20th — Functionality of soy protein for food applications

R&D specialist Luisa Gené talks about the influence of physical, chemical and molecular interactions on the solubility, emulsification, fiber formation, texture, hydration and water retention capacity of soy proteins.

21st — Bioactive peptides — Production, characterization and industry applications

Senior R&D engineer Thaís Andrade explains how bioactive peptides are defined as specific sequences of amino acids with low molecular weight and specific biological activity in the body.

22nd — Nutraceutical use of chondroitin sulfate combined with human food

Alejandro Chiocconi, R&D consultant for BRF Ingredients on behalf of BOSS, will discuss how sodium chondroitin sulfate is a natural substance, present in cartilage, which makes up and protects the joints of humans, mammals and birds (pigs, cows and chickens).


Venue: Transamerica Expo Center.

Date and Time: August 20th to 22nd. 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Event: FiSA – Food Ingredients South America

BRF Booth: 6–30

Free admission. Registrations can be made at the FiSA website.


The first BRF Ingredients plant was set up in 2017, in Concórdia, Santa Catarina. With a capital injection of BRL 25 million, the unit has an innovative production process that uses raw material from other activities conducted by the company itself, such as offal and feathers. Adding up to its animal nutrition and food ingredients portfolio, the unit provides solutions for plant nutrition and health & wellness. The current portfolio of BRF Ingredients is sold in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

About BRF

BRF is one of the largest food companies in the world, with more than 30 brands in its portfolio, including Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Paty, Dánica, Bocatti and Vienissima. Its products are marketed in more than 150 countries, on five continents. More than 90,000 employees work in the company, which maintains more than 50 factories in eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Malaysia, UK, Thailand and Turkey).