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More than 18,000 volunteers have been engaged since 2012

The BRF Institute, which aims to promote social development through actions with the community, has already benefited residents of more than 30 Brazilian municipalities since 2012, with the participation of more than 18,000 volunteers, plus of 500 actions of all kinds were carried out only in 2017 and counted on the engagement of more than 6 thousand people.

Throughout its history, the Institute has acted in various ways to assist in the development of the communities of which is part of. Its actions provide improvements in the quality of life in subjects such as environment, culture, education and health, all according to what is relevant to each of the communes. In addition to the cities with ongoing projects in Brazil, the Institute also operates in other countries through annual voluntary actions, organized on BRF's anniversary in August. Social actions are carried out in countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

They are projects that come to transform and are guided by solidarity, integrity, excellence and respect for diversity, the human being, and the environment. "The BRF Institute seeks to understand the peculiarities of each initiative and contribute solutions to local demands through the work. We had even more important results in 2017 and we expect to surpass these numbers in 2018, "says Marcela Toguti, executive director of the IBRF.

Know below the main projects of this year:

Chester Perdigão

Repeating the success of the previous year, the partnership with Mesa Brasil, SESC's network of food banks and the Perdigão brand is back. Through the Special Christmas Campaign there are Mesa Cheia (Full Table) and Chester Perdigão, each Chester Perdigão bought, another will be donated in order to democratize access to a special bird, which has 70% meat in the chest and thighs. In this way, it is possible to provide an even more special Christmas for 250 thousand families that need or up to 2 million people, since each product serves on average 8 servings.

BRF Volunteers

BRF Volunteer Program aims to enable the voluntary participation of company employees in actions and projects that promote transformation in their communities. In this were developed more than 50 projects carried out by the volunteers, who were also present in the activities of the Projeto Sentidos e Sabores (Senses and Flavors Project) and in local actions.

Also happened the second edition of the challenge Volunteers BRF, an initiative of the Institute which proposes that Social investment committees located in the company's units present in video format their outstanding action of each year.

In 2017, 13 projects were registered and two winners were awarded: the revitalization of the IVH (Instituto Vitória Humana), the Non-Governmental Organization of Vitória de Santo Antão (PE) that welcomes children and adolescents, and the project "Se Cuida pra Mim" ("Se Cares for Me") in Capinzal (SC), which, with monthly meetings, multiplied the values ​​and culture of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) in school, with students' families and the entire community. The award, in addition to recognition, involves an amount of BRL R$ 5 thousand that is destined for the partner institution.

In addition, with the BRF Volunteers program, the Institute is present in countries such as Argentina, England, Chile, Thailand and The Netherlands.

Sentidos e Sabores (Senses and Flavors)

Over the years, the Institute has worked on several projects that have led to the development of municipalities throughout Brazil. The Senses and Flavors project, in 2017, worked to change people's relationship with food, strengthening ties between families through food and to spread knowledge to communities. 

Esporte é Alimento (Sport is Food)

In partnership with Fundação Gol de Letra, from São Paulo, the BRF Institute promoted, in Rio Verde (GO), the project Esporte é Alimento (Sport and Food). The initiative sought to contribute to the guarantee of the social right to sport and the occupation of public spaces with physical activities through workshops, promotion of projects and training of local educators. It is estimated that more than 1,000 participants, among children, youth and women, have been on the round table and in the Giros Esportivos (Sports Spin) in the community, in addition to having trained more than 100 sport professionals.

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About BRF

BRF is one of the largest food companies in the world, with more than 30 brands in its portfolio, including Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Paty, Dánica, Bocatti and Vienissima. Its products are marketed in more than 150 countries, on five continents. More than 90,000 employees work in the company, which maintains more than 50 factories in eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Malaysia, UK, Thailand and Turkey).

About the BRF Institute

BRF Institute was created in 2012 and carries out the corporate coordination of activities to promote local development, ensuring the shared management of the company's social investment and relationship with communities. Local Social Investment Committees work in partnership with the Institute and aim to identify opportunities, assets and needs, plan and develop initiatives that contribute to the development and social and environmental balance of localities.