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The company’s operations in Santa Catarina will receive support from employees in Chapecó, Itajaí and Faxinal dos Guedes to multiply the culture of ethics and transparency

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BRF’s new integrity system, which was launched in February in São Paulo before the company’s entire leadership, will now have the support of regional ambassadors to multiply the culture of ethics and transparency throughout the company, including offices, plants and distribution centers. In this first phase, the operations in the state of Santa Catarina will be supported by seven ambassadors who will be based in the cities of Chapecó, Itajaí and Faxinal dos Guedes.

With the move, the company aims to enhance its prevention, detection and solution of cases of misconduct and fraud. “The regional ambassadors were chosen because for their commitment to ethics and excellence in their functions and will assist the compliance area in disseminating training programs and notices related to the topic. Chapecó, Itajaí and Faxial dos Guedes were selected in this first phase for the role they play in production and administrative operations,” explained Reynaldo Goto, Chief Compliance Officer at BRF.

The new system’s effectiveness will be essential for reducing risks and protecting the reputation not only of BRF, but also of its employees and business partners.” Understanding and mapping the risks inherent to our production chain, which is long and complex, is the first step on this path. A multidisciplinary global structure and implementing policies and procedures that provide guidance and raise awareness among employees and partners will help us to sustain this effort,” added Goto.

BRF’s new integrity system also establishes controls and monitoring that are agile and aligned with business needs, as well as continuous analysis of partners. “Disseminating the culture of ethics and transparency in all activities and detecting and implementing remediation measures through an independent transparency channel to ensure the confidentiality of information and impartial investigations are pillars that complement our new system,” said Goto.

The ambassadors of BRF’s new integrity system, 31 employees in total, are based in cities in the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions to provide adequate coverage to ensure expansion and support for the system.  

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