15/02/2019 14h00


The region has around 500 million consumers who, from January to September 2018, consumed over 850,000 tons of food products sold by the company

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The first Brazilian animal protein company to arrive in the Middle East in the 1970’s, BRF will participate from February 17 to 21 in Gulfood, the region’s largest food trade fair. The initiative is aligned with the company’s operational and commercial strategy to consolidate its business in the Muslim market, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, which will be important growth avenues for the company in the coming years. 

Also known as Halal market due to the religious procedures employed in food production, Muslim majority countries, which are concentrated in these two regions, already account for a population of approximately 2 billion people worldwide. Around 900 million live in South and East Asia, 450 million in Middle Eastern and North African countries and another 50 million in countries on the Arabian Peninsula. The rest live in other regions of the world, in various countries. 

Demographic data show that, in the 2000’s, some 21% of the world’s population identified as Muslim. In 2030, this number is projected to reach 27%. To meet the growing demand, BRF enjoys important competitive advantages, such as plants in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, as well as production lines in Brazil dedicated to primary and further processing of Halal raw materials. It also controls local distribution and sells brands that are top of mind in the region, such as Sadia. 

From January to September 2018, BRF sold around 850,000 tons of food products in the Middle East. After Brazil, the region is the largest contributor of volume and revenue to the company. As such, BRF’s participation in Gulfood is a strategic decision that is aligned with the macro plan of focusing its business in profitable markets with growth potential.