13/03/2019 13h00


With an in-house team, Customer Service can resolve most requests on the first call; integration with business areas enables products to return to portfolio

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BRF, one of the world’s largest food companies, became an industry pioneer in Brazil by implementing a customer service hotline in 1982, which today is simply known as a customer service center. Over the past two years, the company has invested around R$10 million in consumer relations services and in creating new service platforms. In addition, it launched the Strategic Customer Service Center, with the associated improvements perceived not only in customer support, but also in the market intelligence it created for the business.

BRF’s Strategic Customer Service Center has two goals: building consumer loyalty through a better service experience with integrated channels and faster response times; and giving voice to consumers within the company to support continuous improvement. The innovations on this latter front include the Live Customer Service Center, in which executives from different departments monitor routine calls; Talk to the Consumer, in which managers and executive officers return calls to consumers about their requests; and Chat Circles, in which the Customer Service team meets with the supervisors of production units across Brazil. The result was an improvement of 23% in the number of product complaints in 2018 compared to 2017.

When it involves product requests, the integration of BRF’s internal systems enables the production unit to be notified and for it to begin an individual assessment of the consumer’s call. That makes possible adaptations to packaging, for instance a larger font size for information, as well as relaunching products in the market, such as the semi-boneless Christmas Ham and the Pork Leg with Sparkling Wine, both part of BRF’s holiday line.

 “We want our consumers to see BRF as a partner in resolving their requests. That’s why we trained an internal team that solves around 90% of the requests during the call and expanded the Customer Service Center’s reach to all areas of the company,” said Patricia Matsunaga, Executive Manager of the Consumer and Client Relations team at BRF.

World Consumer Rights Day

In the week marked by World Consumer Rights Day, BRF reported numbers on its call center demand. Each year, the company receives on average 100,000 calls, 49,000 e-mails and over 3.5 million social media interactions. A pioneer in customer service in the food industry with the launch of the Sadia red hotline during the 1980’s, the company recently announced a pilot project using an instant messaging app with a chatbot. The new development was announced during last year’s Christmas season with the Sadia brand.