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Before leaving home for work, employees answer questions from "Flor from HR", who guide a self-assessment via cell phone

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BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, has incorporated its virtual HR assistant into the efforts to combat Covid-19. Before leaving home for work, employees answer questions from "Flor from HR", who guide a self-assessment via cell phone. This routine began to be adopted in the plants of Marau (RS), Mineiros (GO) and Ponta Grossa (PR), the first to implement this model, as a pilot. After a two-week period of testing at these locations, it will be extended to all units of the BRF.

In the “conversation” with the virtual assistant, the employee answers “yes” or “no” to four initial questions, in order to check if in the previous 24 hours they had, for example, fever, any symptom of tiredness, body pain or loss of taste and if they had contact with someone with these characteristics. If one of the answers is “yes”, Flor automatically informs HR that the employee cannot work and advises them to immediately call DR. BRF, the Company's telemedicine service.

Flor from HR already existed, but in recent months it has been improved. “It is getting smarter and smarter to answer more questions," says Deborah Furbeta, HR Coordinator of the Marau Unit. 

Alerted by the virtual assistant, the HR of the unit contacts the employee to see if they have called DR. BRF and what guidance has been received. In addition, a more detailed questionnaire is applied, with scores to try to better understand how the employee is doing. Depending on the score, they are referred for a Covid-19 specific RT-PCR exam and instructed to wait at home, at least until the test result. An active search is also initiated to check on people with whom the person has had contact in the previous days.

The conversation with Flor from HR should occur before the start of work, not only at the units, but also at clients, when applicable, and before boarding the chartered transport. If they do not have a cell phone, the process is done using a standard form available in the ordinances.

For employees who does not present any symptoms of Covid-19, at the end of the evaluation, the Flor from HR sends a message thanking them for answering the questions and clears them to work. In the case of forms completed in the ordinances of the units, the reception team provides guidance on the protocols.

Regardless of this new procedure, the BRF maintains the guidance it has adopted since the beginning of the pandemic, within a series of protective measures, which use other technologies and routines: those who present any symptoms of Covid should immediately seek medical care and guidance and not go to work. 

About BRF

The world's largest global poultry exporter, BRF is present in more than 130 countries and owns iconic brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy. Its purpose is to offer quality food that is increasingly tasty and practical, to people all over the world, through the sustainable management of a living, long and complex chain, which provides a better life for everyone, from the countryside to the table Based on fundamental commitments to safety, quality and integrity, the Company bases its strategy on a long-term vision and aims to generate value for its more than 90,000 employees worldwide, more than 250,000 clients, approximately 10,000 members in Brazil, all of its shareholders and for society.