23/09/2020 12h19


Toll-free telephone service provides medical guidance to employees, family members, third parties and members

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BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world, has a customized service to provide medical information and guidance to employees and family members about Covid-19. This is DR. BRF, a telephone channel (0800), open 24 hours, seven days a week. During the pandemic, the service was extended to about 30,000 fixed third parties and member producers. The tool has been working since 2016 and has been expanded because the constant and accurate communication of data is also part of the protective measures adopted by the Company. In the southern units, since the beginning of the pandemic, the service has served 842 employees and dependents, as well as third parties. Another channel is BRF Support, a service center formed by psychologists and social workers for collaborators and relatives. The service is private and confidential.

 BRF has reinforced the protective measures already adopted in its units. To ensure the safety and protection of the entire food chain, the company has a test protocol to apply to employees according to medical criteria and temperature measurement procedures, which must be done before workers leave home, upon entry of the transports and on arrival at the units through temperature cameras - equipment newly acquired by the Company.

 To support the actions in the units, BRF relies on the advice of infectious disease specialist Dr. Esper Kallas and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, a benchmark in Brazil in the study and treatment of Covid-19 cases. The institution acts both in the development of health strategies, focusing on containing the spread of the virus among collaborators, as well as through the adoption of protocols and the coordination of testing.

 These actions are in addition to the measures that were already being adopted by the Company, such as the intense hygiene of the facilities, use of acrylic partition or minimum distancing in the production line and in the common areas,  increased use of PPE, use of masks by all people in all areas, active search and monitoring of suspicious cases, including family members, a greater number of health professionals trained in the units, flu vaccination and medical care. Furthermore, the company shares these guidelines with members and suppliers.

  BRF works collaboratively with local authorities to ensure the health, integrity and safety of all people involved in its operational context, the sustainability of its production chain and the maintenance of food supply for the population. 

The company also has a global consultancy specialized in risk management, and with this support established an intelligence center which, among other functions, enables to be in contact with companies in other countries, such as China, the United States and Italy, to learn from the experience of these countries and apply best practices,  following in real time what has been happening in Asia, Europe and America. 

About BRF

The world's largest global poultry exporter, BRF has iconic brands such as Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy.  Its purpose is to offer quality food that is increasingly tasty and practical, to people all over the world, through the sustainable management of a living, long and complex chain, which provides a better life for everyone, from the countryside to the table Based on fundamental commitments to safety, quality and integrity, the Company bases its strategy on a long-term vision and aims to generate value for the communities in which it operates, its employees and members, shareholders and society.